The Scroll is Tablet magazine’s daily news report covering events around the world, from health policy in Jerusalem to developments in the cryptocurrency markets, sized to read over a cup of coffee or afternoon commute. And it’s free, you can’t beat that.

Alongside the news, we also offer political analysis, arts and culture coverage, short essays, and semi-regular excursions into the kind of fascinating cultural oddities you might once have found in the back pages of your local newspaper or alternative weekly.

There’s more than enough information in the world, too much in fact. Hence our motto: “We read the internet all day so you don't have to.” The Scroll is both a throwback and a way forward, an afternoon newspaper for the digital age that prioritizes accuracy over ideology, and independence over politeness. Did we mention it’s free?

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We read the Internet all day so you don't have to.


Sean P. Cooper

Senior Writer at Tablet Magazine, and contributor to The New Republic, Bloomberg Businessweek, n+1, The Baffler, Victory Journal, The Atavist, and elsewhere. Author of forthcoming THE SHOOTER AT MIDNIGHT (Penguin, 2024).

Jacob Siegel

Editor, The Scroll. Senior writer, Tablet Magazine.

Clayton Fox

Tablet Magazine Fellow 2020. Bylines: Tablet, Real Clear Investigations, L.A. Magazine, Brownstone Institute, The American Conservative,, American Theatre

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