It is now blatantly obvious that any professed support of Israel by this administration was, is and will be predicated on the adage that talk is cheap and sorrow for victims of Hamas is far more woke and PC to express than for the IDF fighting an existential battle for the preservation of the State of Israel.

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Tucker Carlson has had many interesting, informative and unique interviews.

But he is just a man, and thus imperfect. When it comes to war, any war, he seems to have staked out a position that ALL war is bad, and anyone supporting, much less waging one, is bad. That is naive at best, just plain dumb at worst.

In taking such a childish hardline position, whether he likes to admit it or not, still forces him to pick a side, who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy. Thus, he seems totally unaware, while “hating war” he’s actually advocating for one side over the other without the slightest consideration for, shall we say, “the big picture”, and he loses all credibility.

Human nature is not good in its basest level. It needs to be trained, even sometimes forced, from childhood, into willingly choosing what is good over evil, not always a successful enterprise. History itself is a continuous battle of good versus evil, and riddled with wars from the beginning of time up to the very present moment. And there are always reasons for every single one them, some for good and unavoidable reasons, some for foolish or bad reasons. Tucker’s “both sides are just plain bad” stance notwithstanding, that’s just a fact of life on planet earth. Choose wisely.

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Apr 11·edited Apr 11

Law itself is inextricably linked with morality: Don’t murder, steal, lie or cheat, Do unto others as you would have them do to you, all mapped out in the myriad of US canon laws and regulations.

Obama is as anti-religion (the root of morality), as much he is anti-Constitution. Hence he would work tirelessly to separate this country from every moral underpinning that is responsible for holding together. He is a rootless and rudderless megalomaniac, marinated in hubris. He is a wicked and dangerous man.

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…” why the U.S. elite remains so stubbornly committed to practicing quack medicine on children. ”

Because, aside from being just plain arrogantly ignorant, the US elites, and the Democrat party in particular, are pathologically incapable of EVER admitting they are wrong about anything.

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