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A glimpse into how public opinion is formed in the age of social media, the writing from Park MacDougald cuts straight to the meat like a razor knife.

“One might hope that human beings endowed with reason would be able to understand that the “death and devastation” in Israel was the cause of the “death and devastation” in Gaza and assign moral responsibility accordingly.

“But the world of social media is an infinite present in which concepts like “causation” have little meaning. When the images on the screen change, opinions change.”

Fair enough but that said, history suggests that with the exception of immediacy, the world of social media, is identical to the world past and present.

What seems clear is that the current Israeli Gaza fight is more accurately defined as a global civilizational battle between a seventh century barbarism and 21st century western civilization. This fanaticism will not end without a united intervention from the west.

How long can this be ignored?

Long Live Israel

RIP Alberto Nisman

Quiet Hero

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What always stikes me is how the Left has absolutely no qualms whatsoever in denigrating all things Christian or Jewish at every opportunity, but when it comes to Islam and Muslims they become downright reverential!

Could it have anything to with the fact that they know that their particularly chosen pet religion would have no qualms, and at given moment would take utter delight in beheading or blowing them up, full 7th century style, should they ever be given the opportunity? Or worse, that they are useful in performing such dirty work on their shared enemies, Christians and Jews?

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Both ring true.

Perhaps in addition, because those societies are overwhelmingly on the oppressed side of the oppressor/ oppressed binary.

And never once dare they ask, “why is that?”

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Israel won't be happy until the answer to that question is "Everyone."

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