Hopefully, the Israelis will do what they have to do whenever, however and whenever without consulting Biden& Co, whether in Gaza or with respect to Iran-that is how you maintain your sovereignty .

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Regarding Michael Lind’s piece in the Back Pages, all very depressing for citizens of a (small c) conservative bent.

Yet one of likely several variables seems missing. Many of the Democrat strategies mentioned rely upon continued borrowing by the government.

According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, in 1980, when Reagan took office, US government debt to GDP was approximately 32%.

After Clinton: 64%

After Bush (W): 73%

After Obama: 105%

After Trump: 126% (consider Covid factor)

Under Biden at the end of 2023: 122%. (consider COVID factor)

How long can this last?

Paul Krugman vs Peter Schiff:

(what a cage match that would be eh?) Somebody’s more right than wrong.

According to the bio’s, even Bernie Madoff knew years before the event, that sooner or later, the music’s gonna stop. When will our pontificating wizards figure it out and report accordingly?

Trends are interesting and worth consideration. But trends are the past to the present.

When the average man struggles to buy a sandwich, trends go out the window.

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Besides that, older people tend to be more conservative. Even the Millennials and Gen Z will be over the hill eventually, with no new baby boom in sight.

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You lost me at the term late abortion statically and in all reality it is not a thing. Women don’t by nature do it unless under complete duress.

No college educated but I know that Hama is evil. That up isn’t down. And two wrongs never make a right. And I say make every religion pay taxes. The eye for an eye just isn’t worth it and maybe it’s about time we stop.

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Apr 17·edited Apr 17

Re: Michael Lind’s article, “ Blue Morning”

While that is a well laid out thesis, thoroughly based on historically numerical fact in favor of the Democrat machine, I can only hope and pray that the massive conglomeration of ills and threats that are currently besetting this nation and all at once - and the world at large as a result - due to the insanity of the Biden administration’s policies and the Democrats in general, that this upcoming election cycle throws a huge wrench in it, and creates an enormous aberration in his theory.

Otherwise, I feel we - and planet earth -are more than surely doomed.

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To Quote Slick Willie, “I feel your pain.”

But, if I may be so bold, fear not, planet earth will survive, and likely we will as well, albeit maybe under less appealing circumstances.

I too commented on the Blue Planet piece. But as you pointed out, it’s based on history and trends. That’s useful I suppose, but it ain’t no crystal ball.

Nobody see’s into the future. All we can do is manage ourselves. Tomorrow will be what it will be. For now I’m gonna keep putting off the installation of the bunker under my house.

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Thanks for the drop today, Park. NPR needs to prove they deserve Uri, in absence of that, he needs a new home and TFP seems like the collection point for the Left’s broken toys. We want more Uri, give that man a job!

A bit off topic but somewhat relevant.

Watching Bloomberg TV this afternoon and talking head anchor characterized the 4 separate House bills (Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan & unknown 4th) as a ‘Frankenstein’ approach (in a negative way) then, the guest ‘expert’ laments that they may have to (gasp!) read each of the bills before voting, and my oh my will they have the time? … because ya know the House recess is coming right up!

A salute to Speaker Johnson for bringing separate bills to floor. Each rep must go on the record for each subject. More of this please.

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https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/video-shows-gazans-cooling-off-at-beach/ Not eactly a purportedly genocidal humanitarian nightmare depicted here at what looks like a fun day at the beach to escape a 96 degree day

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The only thing more dangerous than being an enemy of the United States Government is being its friend. It’s pretty clear that Iran is the troublemaker in the ME these days and the U.S. is enabling the trouble, for reasons that continue to escape me. And whatever those reasons may be (Obama is a Commie Islamist sympathizer.) they are bad for the entire civilized world, especially Israel at the moment.

As far as the demographic and cultural Marxist trends described, it’s sobering indeed. We are well and truly f-d. But there are two things to think about. Firstly the economic disaster of unlimited federal spending will fully manifest itself at some point. You can buy votes with the free stuff for allegiance equation until you run out of money. And then we will have a collapse. Not if but when. Reality is undefeated. And then whoever seems to have an actual grip on reality may be the new boss. It won’t be transsexual dance lessons in Ecuador that gets the money at that point.

In the meantime, the Republicans are losing because the party sucks. It stands for nothing. It acquiesces to everything. Its marketing and messaging are terrible. It is plagued by infighting, stupidity and corruption at the highest levels. The only party worse than the GOP is the Democrat party, which is fundamentally evil at this point. Jews voting for Democrats at this point in history would be a mystery to me except the depth of the well of human irrationality and self sabotage is unfathomable. Trump is a “fascist”, but the actual islamonazi supporting progressive faction of the Democrat party is just dandy. Right.

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