Amazing article by Mr. Goldman, I read it twice and am still chewing on it.

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Liz Warren is a liar, which is unsurprising in a politician, but she's also a coward. She knows this is no "genocide", doesn't meet any basic definitions of genocide, and would have to be the world's first genocide where if the losing party only surrendered, all killing would cease.

She and her ilk only parrot these evil lies because they live in terror of the Red Guard they themselves created and because she knows speaking the truth here would require the courage to face down a mob of angry zealots. (And might also threaten her precious political career.)

The Hamas enablers have chosen to defend the enemies of civilization, which means they can never be trusted and would sell out anyone at any time if it suits their interests and protects their status.

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Well said.

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Biden tonight called for a unilateral ceasefire by Israel of between 6-8 weeks The throwing of Israel under the bus which began with Obama continues unabated You can put money on it in Vegas that no amount of trucks bearing food to alleviate the nonexistent starvation where food prices have decreased will be found sufficient by this administration

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The Goldman article is must reading and a very astute analysis of the anti Semitism of the woke world that lives for the present and denies a connection to its past and hope for the future

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The gazillions of dollars swirling around this nexus of dark money groups, all in lockstep with the heinous Democrat machine, is simply beyond stunning.

That’s a hell of a lot of evil.

But I have faith in the fact that God is greater than all that is in the world.

He has a very long and recorded history of accomplishing astonishing miracles in the face of seemingly impossible situations.

Keep the faith, and pray without ceasing.

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Re: article “Horror and Humiliation in Gaza”

“… Israel continues to strike Iranian assets in Syria with impunity, and Iran fears to respond. Hezbollah failed to launch the expected second front against Israel after Netanyahu’s warning that “what we are doing in Gaza, we can do in Beirut.”

It is abundantly clear to anyone with half a brain cell that this US administration is protecting Iran - the patron of all the terrorists operations currently at play in the Middle East - over protecting Israel.

The Israeli Govt., and/Or Netanyahu himself, should start “expressing” that fact of life in more explicit, though measured, statements, the purpose of which would be to put the Biden administration on the backfoot and force them to try to deny it, which in turn would create a nerve wracking wedge between them and their beloved Iran.

It is also abundantly clear that, without US support, Iran is most assuredly afraid of an outright direct Israeli attack on their country. Telling the US outright, “who do you think you’re kidding? “ when it comes to their faux support of Israel when in reality they’re just a lapdog for Iran, is way past due. Make THEM sweat.

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Warren lacks credibility on all issues. The so called truce being brokered by the head of the CIA is a reward to Hamas for its actions on 10/7

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