Something truly evil is taking place. The United States can no longer be termed an Israeli ally. I am asking the staff at The Scroll to please explain to me what is the strategic gains for the US here. At first I thought the US would use Israel to take down Iran. The other scenario is much, much worse. What is happening here? Has the whole world been infected by this parasitic virus?

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This isn’t good, but it’s the equivalent of Iran ‘virtue signaling’ to its proxies (Hamas/Hezbolla/Houthies) that it’s still an Alpha in the region. This because Iran gave everyone plenty of notice it was coming. After the tit-for-tat in Gaza/Oct 7/Syrian embassy strike, Iran’s actions re-establish detente in the Near East. But don’t think for a minute that Biden & Netanyahu won’t ‘use’ this to an extreme to keep arms industry $ pumping, citizens kept in fear, and ‘vote for me’ to keep you safe rhetoric. Let’s wait for Monday to see how the ‘River to the Sea’ idiots want to play this. I expect they’ll come out in support for the mullahs like they did for Hamas. F the women and LGBTQ+’ers, we’re talking about Zionist oppression after all!

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Joanne, I understand how you feel. A historian named Fransisco Gil-White (who has a substack "Management of Reality) and his own website has for years explained that despite every US President saying "Our commitment to Israel is Ironclad" since the Iranian Revolution, the REAL US policy on Israel is to protect Iran at Israel's expense.

For example, the Oslo "peace" agreement was designed to put Iranian proxies on Israel's border to the East and South (the PA and Hamas) from which places they could attack Israel anytime they wanted. And that's exactly what they did right after the signing of Oslo.

Since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, US foreign policy has been to protect Iran while telling the world Israel was our ally.

George HW Bush actually created Hamas in the first place, with the king of Jordan.

The US State Department and foreign policy establishment (otherwise known as "the blob" has been anti-Israel since 1948.

As long as Israel behaved like a client state to the democrat party, everything was fine. Bibi Netanyahu decolonized Israel from the democrat party and since then the US democrat party has hated him. Starting with Obama and now with Biden, the US government has actively worked to destroy Netanyahu, most recently through a "color revolution" playbook using progressive woke Israelis in the military. These were the very generals who were responsible for the massive intelligence failures of October 7th.

Progressives cannot get elected in Israel anymore, because the Israeli people see that they are soft on terrorists. In fact, the progressives in government and the military brass actually believe Netanyahu is a greater danger to the State of Israel than the Palestinians!

So the Israeli public has since the 7th of October woken up: even the most progressive Israelis who lived near Gaza now realize their hopes of peace can never be accomplished. So what is a progressive to do who wants power in Israel? Work with Biden to overthrow Netanyahu.

But the US government's position on Israel has been more like an adversary than an ally FOR YEARS NOW.

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Great analysis, but what is the reason for courting Iran? How does it benefit the US for Iran to have nuclear weapons? Also, the word “progressive “ doesn’t mean anything anymore. I’m sure if you asked someone what their “progressive “ views are, you wouldn’t get an answer.

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The motivation has to do with always having the potential for war. With Iranian power and multiple proxies (Hezbollah, Hamas, the PA, the Houthis, South Africa) come the continuous efforts to destroy Israel. Israel then buys US made weapons, and US military contractors make $$$$. Forever. No end.

If you take out the cause of Islamic terrorism, (Iran, Qatar, Turkey) the Middle East becomes a peaceful place. No more big bucks for billionaires in military contracts.

Qatar spends a lot of money in the US influencing Americans to hate Jews and Israel in many universities. They gave a lot of money to the Clinton Foundation.

Obama supported every Islamic terrorist entity in the Middle East including ISIS, which was possibly started by the CIA. He sent pallets of cash to Iran. 1 billion dollars worth. Biden gave Iran 21 billion.

The US federal government supports Qatar which is the "bank" for all terrorists from Afghanistan to Iran. It is the home to Hamas leaders who are billionaires while Gazans get a subsistence existence. We have a naval base there. Biden could stop the war in Gaza tomorrow just by threatening to pull our naval forces out of Qatar. But that wouldn't be good for business.

I would say this policy began with George H. W. Bush, which Joe Lange has written about in his substack, "Joe Lange's Opinion."

I know that Carter started CENTCOM to make sure this policy vis a vis Iran was carried out.

It's the business model for the foreign policy establishment/globalists/Intelligence Community/ DoD.

This country started going astray with the progressive movement, which began with Wilson and then FDR. FDR more or less created the behemoth that is now the most bloated and incompetent government in our history. The idea was to have a government of people with expertise in various areas.

The progressive project was completely anti-Constitutional and they were completely fine with that! They felt it was time to move on! The US was too big to keep a small federal government.

How well did that work out people? Look where we are now!

We now have a totalitarian surveillance state, criminals and psychopaths running the government, with almost zero representative government left. I don't know when I last felt I had representation in Congress.

I am 71 years old. I never in a million years thought our country would become like Nazi Germany, or like Stalinist Russia, in which your political beliefs can get you imprisoned indefinitely.

If it is the last thing I do before I die I want to be part of fixing this country. I can't leave this mess to my grandchildren.

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Thank you

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All week long I have been reading in every paper about how Iran was going to attack Israel. As the week progressed I was finding it quite peculiar that the media was setting up the narrative for today’s attack. How is it possible? What is the actual truth about this attack? Another publications last sentence was how the US received assurances that none of their interests in the Middle East would be targeted. WHAT Is GOING ON??

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Iran told the US it would attack with the understanding that it would “only” be a large and yet unprecedented misfile attack on Israel expected that the missiles would be shot down and demanded that the US as its enabler would demand that Israel do nothing like an inner city crime victim in response This is appeasement 101 at work

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I’m so disgusted

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It’s not hard to find plenty of internet articles showing that Biden did the exact same ‘forewarning’ before Russia invaded Ukraine. This stuff is all manufactured. What is going on is the scales haven’t yet fallen far enough from your eyes?

Here, let make it easier for you. On the exact same day the ‘tensions heat up’ in Middle East, we get the MSM telling us Ukraine is likely to lose its war w/ Russia (conscripts fleeing the country now):


The Defense industry $ needs to keep competition going just like any other capitalist system. Wind down Ukraine? Time to shift gears and wind up Iran. Still doubt this? Why is USA expanding secret military base in Negev? It ain’t to contain Gaza, it’s to ‘intercept’ Iran missiles:


There are also arms depots in Israel to refill, cause ya know the stocks got low when all those artillery shells flowed north to Kiev:


Tania’s post is exactly right. Like anything, follow the $$.

Ever wonder why USA cut Nordstream (cut off Russia energy to Germany) but then continued to allow Russia to sell its energy instead to India & China? Don’t disrupt global energy markets over that blue & yellow flat earth. Inflation already brutally high, a major spike in energy markets would hurt too much on the home front.

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Spot on Matt - redirect focus from Ukraine to the Middle East - no failed NATO expansion here to see. So much money lost/spent - maybe Blackrock will send us a thank you card.

Next let’s stir up things with our “friends” in the desert, maybe we can be heroes and say we are rescuing the only Jewish state…in the meantime 34 Trillion debt at home, the dollar is losing value as BRICS continues to grow.

Spent 14 Trillion on war efforts over the last 20 years - the elite can’t wait for us to hand more over $ as we little people see exploding pricing on everything- can you imagine what that money could have done if it stayed here


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Heartbreaking really.

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We should all be concerned about what this for warning is setting the stage for at home


My money is it will be bad and used to get young people to sign up for a war that the majority of Americans don’t want to engage in.

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How very very depressing and I know your synopsis is correct. There is an excellent documentary series on Netflix called The Turning Point. It’s about the Cold War and what happened after. The United States has been selling out its allies for years

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War is a Racket- all the players have been given a script. Nothing has changed in 100 years


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they credit Eisenhauer for warning of the MIC, but old Smedley (2 time Medal of Honor winner and he smashed a coup-a real one-against Roosevelt) was the real deal

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I never expected them to do this to Israel.

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This is all part of protecting Iran at the expense of Israel-which has been the Obama Biden policy all along

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This kicks the can down the road.

Just like Obama did with seeking JCPOA.

There was unity in the region tonight with Israel for a reason.

They all see Iran as a security threat to the region.

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It should, by now, be pretty clear to anyone who didn’t already know that the Biden administration is playing both sides against the middle in this war. What it doesn’t seem to grasp is that by doing so the US has virtually lost one of its most valuable Allies in the world, Israel, by appeasing their sworn enemy, Iran.

By treating Iran as some sort of rational national actor on the world stage instead of the fanatical and maniacal regime it really is, one that has even sworn “Death to America”, and eventually to all the infidels of the West, they have managed to reawaken and re-energize the most volatile Middle East since pre-1967.

Israel must surely be aware of this, but, as a result of Iran’s recent purportedly “measured” attack directly upon Israel proper, it actually blundered into making all the players on the field choose a side, and they chose Israel - at least for the moment. Pronouncements of condemnation against Iran have even come out of the UN, which is remarkable in itself.

Israel can retaliate - or even take out Iran at any time it chooses, and be well within its rights to do so, now having been directly attacked, but it must recognize the Lebanese factor in coming to such a decision. Their proximity to Israel proper, and their well known arsenal of deadly armaments is perhaps the greatest threat to Israel at this moment, even moreso than Iran. Even though Lebanon is another pet of the Biden administration who have been on its leash since October 7th, there’s no way of telling if that leash would hold should things escalate between Israel and Iran, nor what position the Biden administration would truly take then either, in spite of the “ironclad” words they speak.

But, in this moment, Israel could capitalize upon this new and sudden gush of Western solidarity to finish the job in Gaza, right now, and without delay. At the same time it could increase efforts in the North against Lebanon, surgically and much more intensely focusing on destroying the most dangerous threats they hold in their arsenal. Once Lebanon can be neutralized or at the very least diminished as a threat to the land of Israel and her inhabitants, then the target can turn directly to Iran.

That’s my two cents on the subject, with zero background in warfare, beginning and ending with “Seize the moment!”

But regardless what Israel decides to do right now, one thing is imminently clear: the current US administration cannot be trusted by any measure, and that needs to be unequivocally understood by all the powers that be in Israel, and they should keep their proverbial cards close to their proverbial vests.

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So Iran calls America "the Great Satan" and Israel "the Little Satan," and the United States gives Iran $9 billion more money to use as a sponsor of terrorism all around the world - and uses some of that money to attack Israel? Exactly whose side is our United States on, anyway - and who is talking out of both sides of its mouth? The current Biden Administration! Meanwhile, the current Biden Administration is attempting to dictate to Israel how to defend itself, whether to defend itself, and under what circumstances to defend itself? Israel should assert its sovereignty, tell the Iranian bully to go to hell, bluntly tell the Biden Administration to quit trying to dictate Israeli military and political policy. Both Iran and the United States could get a lot of unflattering publicity from the State of Israel out of this exercise in international diplomatic incompetence (on the part of the United States) and military belligerence (on the part of Iran).

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Israel needs to decouple from the US arms makers . They can manufacture their own ordnance, build their own jets. You can’t have perpetual reliance on a power that uses you as a pawn for its own incoherent and dangerous foreign policy.

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The Biden administration’s single biggest concern with an Israeli attack on Iran is a dramatic rise in oil prices. This would directly impact US car drivers (I.e., most voters). The strategic petroleum reserve has been drained, so that lever to reduce a spike in gas prices is gone.

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A lot of people are pointing the finger at preserving the profit of the military industrial complex as the rationale for the USA to play both sides in this conflict , and I think there a certainly a lot of validity to that point. But there is a strong ideological aspect to this as well. The overt backing of Iran- facilitating their nuclear program, giving them financial support, putting up with their threats and destabilization of the Middle East( including killing American soldiers) against the wishes of Congress and the American people started under Obama and is part of Obama‘s hatred of America, the West, Israel, Jews, and of the Sunni Saudis. Biden is just recapitulating the crap that Obama started because his is Obama’s third term. The media support for the Palestinians is also ideologically driven in large part by the alliance between the Neo-Marxists and the so-called oppressed Gazans.

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Keep drinking the US hegemony-coalition koolaid.

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Uh, right. Last time I checked The Biden Administration and the Obama Administration were the hegemons. In other words the hegemons created the Iranian mess because their agenda is not just to sell arms, but to play nation building games. This is nothing new. They created Saddam, and then they destroyed him. They created Noriega and then they destroyed him. They created Hamas as well. Which is in part why Israel went along with the buy peace from terrorists stupidity. Washington, DC foreign policy ""experts"" on the Left created the Iran arms build up, and now we'll see what happens. God knows the poor Iranian people deserve better than these theofascist murderers. I think you're the one with the cherry red stain on your tongue, not me.

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Hmmm…alternative facts (anyone who thinks ANY US citizen wants to help Iran have nuclear weapons IS living in an alternative world) and snark. Attractive. I’m convinced.

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Well then, you stay in your parallel universe and I’ll stay in mine. If Iran isn’t supposed to have nukes, then why doesn’t the coalition enforce the sanctions mandated for not conforming to the guidelines in the JCPOA, doing ballistic missile testing, hiding their laboratories and their nuclear product? Why aren’t the international nuclear inspectors allowed in, the same inspectors who say they suspect Iran of developing weapons ? Why are the Biden Commies giving billions of dollars to nut jobs who chant Death to America and attack US troops and U.S. citizens ? Sorry, maybe you do that in your spare time too. 40 U.S. citizens killed on October 7th. I know you’re very patriotic so I’m sure you remember and are very concerned about Hamas’ savagery. Save your half baked explanations for the low information anti-Semites who lap it up. Night.

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WTH — Israel has done whatever it wants in GAZA - and has for decades. Even more extremely in the past6 months. It’s such a stretch to call the U.S. Tehran’s bagman. I’m very angry with my country (U.S,) but even mad me can’t buy into your alternative facts.

The U.S. has done NOTHING but support Israel - that’s why I’m mad. And if Iran listened to US/Jordan/Iraq/Saudis/England about their drone attacks - that rather makes them cooperative with us rather than the other way around.

If Iran had killed seven Israeli military commanders and Israel launched this retaliatory drone strike, you’d call it “proportional” or demand more mayhem.

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A precision strike from Israel and a violent, but empty gesture from Iran. Mideast politics as usual? It feels like we’re all making phony hay while the Biden sun still shines. Or until Iran gets its nuke. Throw in a reality-based leader like Trump, and events might start to have consequences.

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Yigal Carmon thinks the whole thing was a big show cooked up behind Israel's back with Iran. What do you think?


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