“ The short time frame and increasingly suffocating restraints that Blinken is trying to impose on Israel’s Gaza offensive reveal a serious misunderstanding of our situation, or worse, a fundamental betrayal of Israel's vital interests.”

The motivation of the Obama/ Biden administration is by no means a “serious misunderstanding” - it is just what it looks like: most unequivocally a betrayal.

The Obama/ Biden admins are not only appeasing Iran, they are quite literally acting as its protector. They are thus also de facto aligning with both China and Russia by taking virtually the same position, just through different means and methods. So now, in this current war, Israel is in effect up against not just Hamas and militant Islam, but also the world’s three super powers plus a nuclear ascendant Iran.

What to do? Well, when you’ve got nothing else to lose you do whatever it takes.

What that translates to on the ground I don’t know. But one thing’s for certaini: Iran has got to go, one way or the other.

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Many of them appear to be a bit overweight...

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The IDF prepared a 'mass grave' capable of holding thousands of Hamas supporters. A frightening message to Hamas supporters of what lies ahead for them if they do not surrender. A stark reminder of what Nazi Germany did to Judaism in Europe. I do not condone the message, however the media's report did not include this image.

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