All these NGO’s! They're like a swarm of locusts spreading their destruction everywhere all over the map, propped up by tons of money from THE most nefarious actors operating in the world today. And the energy they run on is fueled purely by “grievance”.

But interestingly, all of them are not pointed at the most vile nations and governments in the world, like China or North Korea, but rather, ALL of them target the most liberal and free countries!

That’s the biggest “tell” right there that their true motives are far from what they purport them to be. These groups and most especially those who fund them have a visceral hatred of individual rights and freedom, duping their followers through all sorts of flowery language and lofty sounding principles that, when boiled down and confronted, are merely by design meant to mask their actual malicious aims: the destruction of those sovereign nations who uphold the true democratic project of individual liberty and Justice for all.

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what the zombie left wont forgive israel for is our being happy, nationalists, patriotic, successful, with national health that works (vis a vis failing western doles), humanitarian, and peace loving even when we are forced by loving jidhadi neighbors into almost constant military self defense.

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