Re: article “Bad Medicine”

The authors conclude by stating:

“ To combat antisemitism among medical professionals we need to create legal and cultural norms within health professions that forbid treating people differently based on their racial, ethnic, or sexual identities. People need to be treated as individuals, not as members of groups.”

Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath all doctors swear to uphold, and have put into practice- at least in the past, especially during wartime in treating the enemy as well as their own soldiers?

No medical organization or especially any medical college has any business - ethically or morally, not just making any political statements, but far worse than that, taking actual sides!

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Mr Rojas is an apt observer of the activities of latter day Soros subsidized Nazis in America They must be stopped by all means available

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Medical treatment had zero to do with one’s identity but solely on the objective medical condition of the patient

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