Maybe washed up Hersh is trying to get on the Joe Rogan show for another Joe Rogan conspiracy nut job exclusive. Joining other fav alt Left conspiracy nut jobs Roger Waters and Oliver Stone.

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It is important to note that Amy Wax has bee no targeted by a woke university whose president sold out to China for a huge donation and in return was rewarded with an ambassadorial appointment by the Big Guy who got his own piece of the action

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Re: Lee Smith’s rebuttal of Sy Hersch’s claim the US blew up N1+2:

All the while reading Mr. Lee’s piece I could not shake the instinct, “you’re trying too hard here, man.”

Deep in the bowels of our government there people capable of deep cunning and devious skill adept at all types of dark and sinister acts. The act of blowing up the pipelines did not require the slightest effort or input from Biden, aside from his signing off on the action. The IC and the military would handle all the details.

Knowing as we do, the track record of this President in making only all the worst decisions when it comes to all foreign policy (I.e. Iran, Afghanistan withdrawal, the entire Ukraine/Russia debacle, etc.) not to mention just how much it would benefit the US in assuring Germany was kept from wavering in the Ukraine campaign, it makes all the sense in the world that we did it.

Biden is a mere figurehead for others pulling the strings to advance the efforts worldwide transitions of power. He does what he’s told.

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