It seems to me, geopolitics far from being my strong suit, that China is busily eating the USA’s lunch, while we’re arguing about what a woman is.

With this country’s vast amount of energy and natural resources, and a Marshall Plan of sorts to reinvigorate all kinds of manufacturing capabilities could turn this country into a Behemoth power the likes of which the world has never known.

Unfortunately we are governed by the most insane and idiotic people who have ever lived, who are bound and determined due to their insane and utterly irrational belief in things like “Climate Change” on doing the exact opposite of anything that is in this country best interests, including it’s very survival.

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The "thread of the day" treats homelessness and addiction like they're just the byproducts of some nexus of social conditions, floating free of personal agency or (more controversially) any genetic influences. Plenty of folks face the same risk factors and make the difficult choices necessary to live as-productive-as-possible lives despite their own personal hurdles and demons.

Treating homeless addicts in our society like they are an inevitability enables shitty behavior and dehumanizes people - ironically, the very thing so many concerned activists think they are raging against. If you want to personalize and humanize people, you approach them as individuals capable of making choices - and yes, difficult life situations, the wrong genetic predispositions, and the like - are going to make making the right choices a hell of a lot harder. But their lives are not tragedies etched in stone.

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"Taken as a whole, the ongoing banking sector crisis now has investors suspecting the Federal Reserve will back off the expected plan of increasing interest rates to hose down inflation as those very rate hikes contributed to the collapse of the small regional banks to begin with."

Yup. The Fed's going to be in a bind before the end of this year. Those of us old to remember the 1970s are having flashbacks. Raising interest rates (even though short rates are still and will probably remain below inflation) is going to break many things, including big bond bets, companies that gorged on cheap borrowing to buy back their shares, private equity, much of the developing world's dollar-based "shadow banking," etc.

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