When you consider the full-throated effort by the Biden Administration to not only encourage but instigate much of the protest in Israel about the Judicial Reform issue, it should give one great pause.

This Administration hates Israel, palpably, and they’re not even shy about demonstrating such animus. They are doing more now than any other previous administration to prop up Palestinian grievance and terror, and working to undo almost every effort that’s been undertaken in the past to quench the efforts of terrorists.

I would suggest, based on that eveidence, that whatever they claim to be “FOR” when it comes to the best interests of Israel, I would wholeheartedly be “AGAINST.”

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It's not the pandemic, but the aftermath of George Floyd / the "peaceful protest riots" of 2020 that's "driving" #3. Same thing behind #5. The nutshell is that vehicle and homicide deaths among black Americans are up sharply, corresponding with cops and prosecutors pulling back on arrests and prosecution (due to a combination of factors, but basically response to public pressure).

Here's Steve Sailer putting forth what he dubs "the Floyd Effect":


Sailer ruffles some people's sensibilities in that he impolitely points out inconvenient data and comments on it in, let's call it, "less than sanitized" language.

Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, the data is alarming. We have a lot of Americans dying, disproportionately from one race, and a national sociopolitical conversation that focuses its energy on whatever leans into its own confirmation bias (the comparatively much, much rarer instances of police misconduct).

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