This is appeasement of Iran and throwing Israel under the bus and the American Jewish establishment sits in silence

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In addition to, and perhaps even more than hating the Abraham Accords for isolating Iran, the Obama-Biden administration despised one of its central tenets which was to finally denounce and ultimately dismiss the ever-antagonistic Palestinians as the pains in the asses they historically have been to the entire region. The Accords were instrumental in putting them in their place, and calling them out for being the belligerent brats they are.

No sooner did Biden take office, and with his administrations dismissal of the Abram Accords, did the Palestinians know they could act up again and unleash their murderous rampages against Israel with fresh Iranian (and make no mistake, the US’s as well) backing,

The Obama-Biden administrations have a visceral hatred for Israel, and BiBi in particular - always have, always will.

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