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The right approach to California today is simply to leave for elsewhere. It's no longer the cutting edge of the larger society, but an extreme, cautionary tale of a once-golden land turned into a dystopia by delusional and corrupt leadership, decades of bad choices, and no consequences for those on top. It's hard to see how the right leadership can be put in place, as voter turnout has been declining for many years, removing any sensible middle from political discourse. The void is filled by an evil alliance of wealthy, far-left donors and legacy media. It's a vicious circle of decline.

As for your big story, sad to see you go, Tina -- say it ain't so!

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California is too large. It should be divided into two states.

Leaving California would create a vacuum that would be filled by forces inimitable to the best interests of the rest of the country. I can even imagine it becoming a beachhead for China.

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The state of the state of California is now a perfect microcosm of the entire country. Every last one of their problems is entirely self-inflicted as a result of their insane and delusional devotion to the Climate Change Hoax and it’s suicidal policies and edicts. They are plummeting toward certain destruction and unimaginable devastation all out of blind worship to that evil lie.

It is tragic to witness and evil in practice. But worse it is both homicidal and suicidal at the same time.

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The classic comment: "The migration of Okies to California improved the I.Q. of both states by about 50 points."

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