There is a now ever-growing and vast amount of studies being published on the deleterious effects the Covid vaccine can be accountable for, as well as reports exposing the pharmaceutical companies knowledge at the time of their authorization that the effectiveness and both long and short-term adverse events they may cause was unknown.

Coupling this knowledge with the fact that these shots were forced upon millions upon millions of innocent people - many of whom died and/or were gravely injured as a result - is beyond scandalous, and a crime of the centuries.

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Ivermectin is not efficacious against COVID, as by now well established. It’s an effective drug against parasites, which is its primary use.

Nonetheless, using ivermectin against COVID, while pointless, is technically a valid “off-label” use, subject to state regulation. The FDA, like the CDC, has no valid power to act the way it did. If use of ivermectin is actually harmful or prevents a patient from being properly treated, that’s a matter for state medical boards, judges, and public health officials, not the FDA or CDC.

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